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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Speaking : Dec 7th : Mumbai
1. What's your full name
2. Where do you live
3. Describe it
4 . Is there facilities for children around
I answered relating to parks
5. How do you make use the park
6. How often do you go
7. What do you want to change about the park
8. Do you prefer open spaces park or parks with activities
9. What is your best day of the week
10. Does it always have a fixed schedule
Que card
Describe a school friend
How does he look
What do you remember
Why do you remember
11. Some people believe friends are more important that family is that correct
12. Why do some think that way.
13. Should parents have the right to choose friends for their children
14. Why after an age parents can't decide for children
15. Honesty is the most important quality in friendship what do you think and why

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